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Golf. Greg Norman: the true blue shark is back !
Dear Greg,

I was one of your fans when I was a teenager. Sorry Greg: time is running for all of us. But since last week, i feel like I am 12 or 13 again. You are back on the greens? I am impressed.

Don’t get me wrong: I always considered players like Nike Faldo, Bernhard Langer or even Seve Ballesteros much better than you (I mean technically). I remember that for a Christmas gift, I ordered video lessons with Nick Faldo. You see, at this time, I was a smart young player: you were playing with your guts, so I was sure you were the worst golf video teacher on the earth, Nick Faldo’s tips were more efficient in my opinion.
One day, I tried to put some of your power in my driver. The ball flew like a rocket but finished on the wrong fairway. This day, some players thought a sniper attacked them.
Yes Greg, it was always a tough disappointment to try to play like you… I was a huge fan of your game, of your style too. When you wanted, you were such a genius on a fairway.

You are a businessman now since what? A decade? Maybe more? I am happy for you; you’re good in your business. I discovered a few weeks ago that one of your companies sells turf. Now it makes sense. When you walk on a golf course, turf never grows again. That's smart !

Oh by the way: congratulations! I was a huge fan of Chris Evert too (but for different reasons: I swear, I will not develop this part of the story) and now you are married. All my best for you 2.

I just have one question: how did you do to have such powerful swing without loosing your hat?

So long Mister White Shark!

Stephan Ghreener

Stephan Ghreener
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